The Meals On The Bus

The Meals On The Bus 001

I was on a coach leaving London a few weeks back and was staring out the window. As I nodded, half asleep in my chair, I saw something that I thought, for a moment, was a dream. A double decker bus pulled up full of people in smart clothes. They were all sat around tables enjoying their dinners. They were having a proper, formal dinner on a bus which had apparently been adapted for this exact purpose.

I imagine that this was a very expensive, special event, but what if you could kill two birds with one stone and grab a meal on the bus to work?

The Meals On The Bus

Do you often find you’re late?
Your disposition sours?
Can’t recall when last you ate?
Prioritising showers
You cannot eat for hours
Isn’t that too long to wait?

And does your stomach ache and groan
And grumble awkwardly?
Is your entire being thrown
For lack of toast and tea?
In silent agony
You suffer all alone

Well, now at last you needn’t miss
Your three square meals a day
You’ve never had a meal like this
At least, not in this way!
Available all day!
It’s too good to dismiss!

We put the fast in your breakfast
The bus in belly buster
Don’t let the breakfast bus go past
And leave you in your fluster
The best that we can muster
The variety is vast

The meals on the bus go round and round
The people on the bus say YUM!
The bacon’s crisp, the coffee’s ground
And ready for your tum
It may cost quite a sum
But you’ll soon come around


They still haven’t solved the problem of actually getting up in the first place…


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