Words Cut Out

Words Cut Out 001

I find having my haircut incredibly stressful. I don’t know why but the whole experience is just very miserable and awkward as far as I’m concerned. As such, I usually wait a very long time between haircuts meaning that, when the time finally does come when I have to face up to it, it takes ages… I’m an idiot really. And it really is time I had a haircut.

Words Cut Out

Seven months have come and gone
Since on that chair, I parked my bum
For some, it’s strange to see me wan
I don the robe and sit there dumb

I’ve already delayed too long
My strong disgust has given way
Today, although it feels so wrong
The song of sense has had it’s say

I give my name and current life
All strife cut out (to be polite)
The bite of words pierce like a knife
Chat’s rife and steady through the plight

My head feels incomplete by now
I bow to help him reach the end
I mend my jumper, brush my brow
Say ‘Ciao’ with 10 quid less to spend


10 quid might be a very optimistic estimate


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