The Queen of Putrefaction

The Queen of Putrefaction

This poem has a very melodramatic title but I think it’s appropriate because people have very melodramatic reactions to it’s subject. I’m not the biggest fan of spiders ever but I do think they’re actually pretty cool creatures. My favourite spider fact is that spiders don’t use muscles to move their legs. They have hydraulic legs! They move by moving fluid in and out of each leg in turn. How crazy is that? Pretty crazy. Of all the creepy crawly beasts that linger where death and decay are found, spiders are probably the best.

The Queen of Putrefaction

Below the tattered curtain lies a body on it’s back
Light glistens in the compound eyes that watched the world turn black
A single, shining silk thread ties it’s legs up from a height
Like many other wayward flies, it didn’t last the night

For in the dark a demon sits, it’s waiting in the gloom
Without a sound each eyeball flits and turns around the room
It moves in sudden violent fits, to chase, to hunt, to kill
It never fails, it never quits, the beast will have it’s fill

It’s legs move by hydraulic action, scuttling at speed
It rules the Lords of Putrefaction, lingers where they feed
Climbing with it’s unholy traction, webs mark where it’s been
Nothing is safe that draws attention from the eight eyed Queen

This particular Queen has unfortunately set up shop in my throne room

This particular Queen has unfortunately set up shop in my throne room


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