Killing The Queen

Killing The Queen

This poem is about somebody trying to assassinate Britain’s longest reigning monarch. I am a big fan of the Queen and I do not, in any way, encourage treason. Please do not kill the Queen.

Killing The Queen

I woke up this morning and felt like some treason
I honestly have no particular reason
The sun shining down, such a beautiful season

Here comes Queen Elizabeth, tiptoeing past
I’ll make sure her very next tiptoe’s her last
The people in Birmingham wake at the blast

A crater where London once gloriously stood
The bomb has a larger effect than it should
A mystery figure crawls out of the wood

And up gets the Queen, she’s a sturdy old bird
Then armies of animals rise at her word
She is carried atop this magnificent herd

She conquers the West with her sheer mass of beast
And then the Queen sets about crushing the East
And no one can rest til her tyranny’s ceased

With terrors and horrors no man’s ever seen
Brave men lose their minds at the heartbreaking scene
Won’t someone, won’t anyone please kill the Queen

But I too survived, in the shadows I wait
I level my gun at the harlot of hate
And undo the evil I helped to create

Her spies have infiltrated all of our wallets and pockets

Her spies have infiltrated all of our wallets and pockets


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