Freshers Week

Freshers Week

It was recently freshers week at a local University! I graduated earlier this year so I’m not a student anymore but I happened to be walking past the main campus as students were leaving the Freshers Fair. My mind was instantly cast back in time to the madness of my own Freshers Fair three years ago.

While I indulged in a little nostalgia, a young man with a panicked expression started pushing his way through the crowd. He shoved people aside as he hurtled down the pavement. This student was not carrying the usual bag of goodies but held something to his chest. I watched in interest as he drew nearer and nearer and finally broke out of the crowd and rushed past me.

He was clutching a very large leek. Nothing else. Just a leek. He continued at great speed down the road with fear in his eyes. Freshers Week is a very strange time full of very strange people.

Freshers Week

He’s there in every Freshers crowd
Though nobody can name him
He’s spoken of in whispers
And referred to in hushed tones

The powers of sense and reason
Both combined could never tame him
His look of desperation’s
Fit to chill you to your bones

He’s everywhere on campus
But no flat will ever claim him
He carries things that tell
A story words could never speak

He holds with great bemusement
(for bemusement who could blame him?)
A bag, a poster, condoms,
Pizza vouchers and a leek

These would have seen me through my student years very happily

These would have seen me through my student years very happily


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