Drunken Poetry

Drunken Poetry

I hesitated for a long time before posting this poem because I didn’t want to be seen to be encouraging drunkenness. I used to have a very unhealthy relationship with alcohol but I am no longer someone who drinks large amounts and gets drunk. That being said, on my eighteenth birthday, whilst drunk, I wrote some fairly nonsensical but quite amusing poetry and texted it to a friend. Here it is. Please note that the eight line verse is not a formatting mistake. The original poem was written as two four line verses and one eight line verse.  Drink responsibly guys!

Drunken Poetry

I see my house
From where I am
It’s like a mouse
In sale of clam

I rest within
A snuggly quilt
I’m wrapped in sin
With layers of silt

But come the dove
I find my eyes
Have lost their love
To my surprise
And all the years
I’ve known thus hence
I find upon
A fragile fence

Beautiful but deadly

Beautiful but deadly


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