Happy Ending

Happy Ending

Happy Ending was inspired by Witches Abroad, a book by Terry Pratchett. As well as being extremely funny, Witches Abroad explores fairy tales and what happens went they go wrong. My poem is a story about two fairy tale characters who should be enemies but are actually old friends, suggesting that the truth may have been exaggerated slightly in the original fable.

Happy Ending

The doorbell rings and Granny smiles
Hello there, Wolf, she almost sings
How did you know? a voice replies
My looking glass reflects all things

A knowing laugh, an open door
Come in, come in, and take a seat
What can I get you dear, old friend?
A cup of tea? A bite to eat?

The tales are old
They’re history
But things aren’t like
They’re said to be

The wolf is greying, moving slow
So Granny takes him by the hand
And leads him to a cushioned seat
To sit him down, You needn’t stand

My goodness, what big plates you have
The wolf says, looking at the spread
The better to feed hungry friends
Then Granny pats the wolf’s grey head

It’s true, the casts
Of myth existed
But through time, truth
Has been twisted

The door bursts inwards, voices scream
The fairy police, bold as brass
They mace poor Granny, drink the tea
Then smash the antique looking glass

They tie rope round the great wolf’s snout
But I’ve committed no offence!
They bind it’s paws, handcuff it’s feet
Then shoot it twice in self defence

It’s sad but there’s
No use pretending
There’s always
A happy ending

And that's the story of how my parents died

And that’s the story of how my parents died


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