New Malaise

New Malaise

This poem is about the obesity epidemic ravaging the western world.

New Malaise

In every city, every town
The sickness spreads like mayonnaise
A straining wheeze, a sweaty gown
The first hints of a new malaise

Then, melting in the Summer heat
The bulbous bodies take short strolls
On what were once their legs and feet
But now resemble sausage rolls

They will have food, they will eat yours
A shopping centre, food court spied
They shatter the revolving doors
And feed on everything inside

Every night the army march
For daylight brings on belly sweats
Sequestered in a golden arch
They ooze over the parapets

Their numbers grow with  volunteers
They use no force, there is no need
They simply grind you down for years
Then fill your trough with swill to feed

So don’t accept the gifts they give
Get off your bum, get out of bed
Or else you’ll have to waddle with
The legions of the walking fed

If all else fails, lob a granny smith

If all else fails, lob a granny smith


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