This poem explores the hypothetical question; What would happen if two lovers were suddenly transported into space with no protective gear? Obviously, it would be a bit of a disaster, unless an unlikely rescuer were to appear and whisk them away. Then again, being in the custody of an alien being with no understanding of humans and their ability to withstand space may not end well either!


If I was in space, and you were too
I’ve no idea what we would do
No atmosphere, so we would die
The sun quite close, so we would fry

And, in due time, both me and you
Would dissipate as blobs of goo
An alien out for a ride
Would drag this jellied stuff inside

With science far beyond our minds
He’d reconstruct his gooey finds
In wonder and in awe we’d race
Towards the window, gaze at space

Believing we were ready now
He’d nod, you’d curtsey, and I’d bow
He’d launch us out, we’d twist and jerk
Exploding like a firework

We might get arrested by the space police for being drunk and dissipaterly


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