The Sea Slug Riders

The Sea Slug Riders

I’ve recently been rereading some of my favourite David Eddings books and have been quite inspired by them. Eddings was a fantastic fantasy writer and his books are full of great characters and frightening creatures. I wanted to write a poem about monstrous beasts in a fantasy setting. I chose to take the humble sea slug (are they humble? I don’t know. They might be incredibly vain dressed like they are.) and turn it into a ferocious steed for a race of warriors. This poem finds the sea slug riders returning from their crusades abroad.

The Sea Slug Riders

The bells were heard for many a mile
An answer to the townsfolk’s yearning
Rang out from the campanile
The sea slug riders were returning

The women turned their gaze to the horizon
Could not believe what they there laid their eyes on

The rippling tips of sea slug frilling
Glistened in the dying light
Their undulating dance was thrilling
Dimpling like cellulite

The men removed their hats and genuflected
In honour of the heroes long expected

Slow and steady, on they wriggled
Strapped in place for ease of seat
But at at our minds, a worry niggled
Was it all a cruel deceit?

The mayor shuffled his feet in nervous tension
Entertaining thoughts he dared not mention

The crowd rushed forward, hoped to see more
In the breaking waves we found
That sea slugs ride along the sea floor
So the sea slug riders drowned

The slugs, armed with a fearsome reputation
Had thus begun their quest for domination

Biding his slime until his marine brothers rise up and liberate the Earth

Biding his slime until his marine brothers rise up and liberate the Earth


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