Open, Eyes of Mine

Open, Eyes Of Mine

I’ve had a lot of early mornings recently. I’m on placement so I have to get up at non-studenty times like 6:00 sometimes! I’m 8 weeks in so I’m definitely getting into the swing of it, but there are some mornings where I really would rather eat my own legs than get out of bed. My alarm starts to blare, I look up at the chink of sunlight seeping through the window, and my eyes melt as tears of exhaustion run down my weary, weary face.

Open, Eyes of Mine

Open, eyes of mine
And face the glorious morning
Do not turn away
Another world is dawning

Open, eyes of mine
You’ve snoozed for half an hour
And now I have to choose
Breakfast or a shower?

It burns us, precious

It burns us, precious


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