Bottoms, Bellies, Eyelids

Bottoms, Bellies, Eyelids

I was pondering the names of body parts a while back, and it occurred to me that many of them are really quite strange and there is rather a lot of inconsistency in the naming. This poem highlights just three of the many issues I have with the way body parts have been named. I’m considering writing to the British Medical Journal, or maybe starting a petition to have them renamed. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Bottoms, Bellies, Eyelids

Why is your bottom your bottom?
When it’s only halfway down?
Surely, your bottom’s the soles of your feet
That carry you round town!

Why is your belly your belly?
When your back has a literal name?
Surely, your belly should be called the front
If we’re going to treat both the same!

Why are your eyelids your eyelids?
When your lips aren’t considered lids too?
Surely, these parts were all named by a numpty
Who fluffed it, but though ‘That’ll do!’

My bottoms, ladies and gentlemen.

My bottoms, ladies and gentlemen.


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