Walrus are pretty crazy and majestic creatures, but whenever you see them on nature documentaries, they seem to be angry or upset. This puzzled me for a while. How could they be so sad when they were so epic? I think I worked it out though. It’s their teeth. Those teeth look really impressive and would definitely see off competition or predators, but what else would they see off? Looking that frightening and having two great big enamel bars in front of your face would seriously limit your social life. This is my tribute to the Walrus. It’s about a Walrus named Walrus. The poem is called Walrus.


Can Walrus smile, or do his teeth
Restrict the lip that lies beneath?
Does Walrus wail in solemn pain
Because he’ll never laugh again?

Can Walrus hug, or do his tusks
Reduce his friends to skewered husks?
Does Walrus whine in empty dread
Because he cannot save the dead?

Can Walrus dance, or do his fangs
Kill anything he overhangs?
Does Walrus whinge in desperate rage
Because his body is a cage?

Can Walrus kiss, or does his jaw
Inhibit access to his maw?
Does Walrus weep in lonely fear
Because his lover won’t draw near?

How does he hold a toothbrush in those flippers anyway?


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