I’ve not posted in a while because I’ve been very busy with my dissertation. The problem is, I’ve not been nearly as busy with it as I should have been. It’s due Wednesday at mid day and it’s still not quite finished. It’s entirely doable but does require a certain amount of concentration. I have a real tendency to procrastinate, hence my dusting off of this blog and posting again. In honour of the occasion, I spent a long time reading through my old notebooks and dug out today’s two poems which are dedicated to all those people who need the pressure of a looming deadline to work, but hate the unnecessary stress that they put themselves under.


I’ve got three days to set this straight
And still I just procrastinate
I think I can start but the news site beckons
Has anyone died in the last 30 seconds?

Procrastibaking anyone?

Procrastibaking anyone?


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