A Christmas Novella

A Christmas Novella

Perhaps the most recognisable two Christmas stories not found in the bible are those of Ebeneezer Scrooge and The Grinch. Both are stories of redemption and reconciliation in which the main character deals with some emotional trauma and comes to love Christmas. I have decided to try and condense the theme and essence of these two stories into a short, two verse poem. It’s got everything; hatred, forgiveness, love. That’s everything isn’t it?

One question I do have though, is why do we call people a ‘Scrooge’ if they don’t like Christmas. By the end of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is a reformed character and everyone said he always knew how to keep Christmas! Scrooge should be a name worn with pride! I am a Scrooge and I love Christmas!

A Christmas Novella

Grinchy McScrooge and a party of elves
Were lining up gifts in elevens and twelves
But Grinchy McScrooge had a heart of old slate
And he hated it all with a hate more than hate

But one day, an elf told him, ‘Don’t be a prat’
And Grinchy McScrooge, he was shaken by that
He changed his foul ways and found Christmas was fun
And Tiny Tim said ‘God bless us, everyone’

Bless his little heart

Bless his little heart


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