The Squidstrich

The Squidstrich

This poem was partly inspired by this advert in which the viewers are made to feel pity for a lamp, then told how silly that is. This got me thinking about how humans seem to have this ability to feel sympathy for absolutely anything, whether it’s real or not and regardless of how ridiculous it is.

I decided to come up with something ridiculous. An animal that was completely and utterly ludicrous. Having done this, I set out to make myself feel sorry for it. Here’s the thing, Squidstrich (Ostriches with squid legs) are completely fictional and look downright silly. Even knowing this, I was able to make myself pity them so much that I actually feel bad for having written this poem at all. Here it is: The Squidstrich

The Squidstrich

The squidstrich is an ostrich and a squid
You might not think this bird ever existed but it did
Before your great, great grandfather first blinked
The foul, ungainly squidstrich were completely made extinct

Remember the squidstrich, remember

They flopped around on squiddy tentacles
The squidstrich suffered terribly from stumbles and from falls
Their ostrich body bore an ostrich head
This head was fragile, if it hit the ground the bird was dead

Pity the squidstrich, pity them

One day a squidstrich ventured from it’s nest
What happened next would make a grown man thoroughly depressed
It’s legs could not support it’s body well
It tripped over itself and then the noble squidstrich fell

Careful young squidstrich, careful

But as it fell, the bird let out a cry
A cry the feeble squidstrich never utter til they die
And in that cry, it called out to it’s race
Imploring them to find it and to bear it from that place

Fly to me squidstrich, fly to me

The cry was heard by squidstrich far and wide
And when they heard it, every squidstrich whimpered and they cried
And flew forth from their nests to lend a hand
Never had such a squidstrich flock been seen in all the land

Race to him squidstrich, race to him

The squidstrich wept to hear their brother’s pain
They ran through scorching sun and then they ran through bitter rain
They couldn’t let him die alone, and so
They reached the icy mountains peaks and ran on through the snow

We’re coming young squidstrich, we’re coming

But on the ice, their suckers could not grip
They huddled close together but the flock began to sip
In desperation, squidstrich screamed in fear
They reached out for their loved ones, for the ones they held most dear

Always together, always

Then one by one, they fell and hit the ground
The local townsfolk cried out in their horror at the sound
But nothing was their cry to that which rose
Up from the sliding squidstrich swarm, writhing in deathly throes

The squidstrich are fading! The squidstrich!

Out on the distant slopes of crumbled stone
A squidstrich there became the only one to die alone
While here upon the barren icy plain
The other withered squidstrich bodies to this day are lain

Always together, forever

Birds begin to gather, dressed in black in memory of the squidstrich.

Birds begin to gather, dressed in black in memory of the squidstrich.


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