Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

Art Garfunkel has one of the most recognisable voices (and names) in music. He has, or had in his younger days, an incredible range and boy does/did he know how to use it. Most will know him for his time with Paul Simon as Simon & Garfunkel (clever name eh?) and that song from that film about rabbits. He’s pretty old now, but hey! This poem is about a fictional version of Art Garfunkel. A fictional version of Art Garfunkel who uses his voice, not for the entertainment of others, but for evil and destructive deeds.

Bright Eyes

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle
If it isn’t Art Garfunkel
He opened his mouth and he sang so high
That the dogs six miles distant all started to cry

The windows were breaking, the glasses were cracked
The old man next door screamed, ‘I’m being attacked!’
The noise still pours forth from the strangely shaped head
And never will stop til Garfunkel lies dead

Though many attempted to silence the man
He carries the notes like no other man can
For many more years will the the voice ring out strong
So long, so long, so long, so long

Go on! Try to sing along. I dare you.

Go on! Try to sing along. I dare you.


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