The Lady Grey of Shalott

The Lady Grey of Shalott

This poem is unusual for me in that, beyond the pun in the title, it’s not actually got any jokes or plays on words in it. It’s relatively soothing in fact. It’s a tribute to two of my favourite things. The first is Lady Grey Tea (one of my favourite teas) which is always wonderful at the end of a long day. The second is The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson (one of my favourite poems) from which I have borrowed the title and structure of this poem.

The Lady Grey of Shalott

The tea was poured, with swathes of milk
T’was pure as light and smooth as silk
So few teas are there of the ilk
T’is one addiction hard to bilk
When sipped after a supper
Infused with citrus, left to brew
It’s fragrance and it’s beauty grew
Enjoyed now by so very few
A truly noble cuppa

And just one sip can ease the mind
Can make a cruel evening kind
Enraged you were, with fury blind
But now, all anger left behind
You smile over your supper
‘Ah, this is bliss!’ you sigh and say
A steaming cup of lady grey
As all your worries drift away
Your soul cleansed by a cuppa

The stresses of the morning fade
Reclining in the evening shade
By willow tree, in glistening glade
And sipping at the tea you’ve made
With sandwiches for supper
Then breathing in the Summer night
Now drowsy in the fading light
You cannot help but feel alright
When finishing your cuppa




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