The Hookily Pookily

The Hookily Pookily

Today is Halloween! Halloween is pretty much an idiotic holiday. I love a good carved pumpkin as much as the next guy, but how is it that trick or treating is allowed to happen every year? ‘Don’t talk to strangers’, we tell kids. ‘Don’t accept treats from strangers’, we say. So why, on Halloween, do we actively encourage children to knock on stranger’s doors and blackmail them into given them treats? Did we all just turn stupid overnight? Seriously?

Anyway, this poem is about the Hookily Pookily. Not heard of the Hookily Pookily? You’re one of the lucky ones! The Hookily Pookily are the worst, most scariest and spookiest beings ever to haunt your dreams. Please note that ‘Hookily Pookily’ is both singular and plural. I.e. One Hookily Pookily and several Hookily Pookily.

The Hookily Pookily

The Hookily Pookily snook to the ground
Then flook to the air with a whizeg of sound
It snurted and farked
It chinked and it snarked
Then choodled it’s jood by the pound

The Hookily Pookily spookily come
And dibble your snibs till you quibble your bum
They flam and they jook
They skabbige and rook
Then gerty a flert for their mum

A spooky ghost

A spooky ghost


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