It seems like so many famous astronauts, astronomers, and other kinds of scientists (got bored of that list) were inspired simply by staring up at the sky in awe as a child and daydreaming about landing on the moon or something similar. The stars and planets they could see through a telescope blew their minds so much that they just HAD to learn more. This poem is dedicated to everyone who stares up at the night sky in wonder thinking what if? What if? WHAT IF? WHAT IF?


I looked for the stars, shining light-years away
I sat in the garden, I waited all day
But soon it got dark so I went back inside
Why dear stars, why do you haver and hide?

I looked for the moon, shining just down the road
I hopped and I skipped and I ran and I strode
But night overcame me, I had to go back
For how could I see when the sky had turned black?

I looked for a black hole, I stole a spaceship
I flew to the void with a gun on my hip
I met with a martian and spat in his face
Defying the emperor, conquering space

Haver (Verb): Scottish word meaning to talk foolishly
(I know my use of this word makes no sense. Sounds good though eh?)

This is just a money box. I'm saving up for the real thing

This is just a money box. I’m saving up for the real thing


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