Facebook Activist

Facebook Activist

Facebook brings all sorts of people together and gives people a platform to share pretty much anything they want. It’s a brilliant way of spreading news and organising people. It’s also great for activism. Activism on Facebook is not a bad thing. Activists having Facebook is not a bad thing. What is bad is the rise of the ‘Facebook Activist’. You probably know what I’m talking about. The person who share the picture of a poorly child with the caption ‘Doctors need 500 likes before they can operate’ or who shared all the ‘Kony 2012’ pictures but couldn’t tell the difference between Kony and that bloke in the film Predator (no seriously, look it up).

This is probably one of the angrier poems I’ve written. I didn’t mean it to be but it just turned out angry. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Facebook Activist

Some big dictator, new in town
It’s time to take this monster down
10 likes equals 1 revolution
10,000,000 equals full solution

Coppers shot some kid last night
So share this picture, put it right
10 shares equals one care for Ben
Those coppers won’t do that again!

There’s been some rioting in Greece
But 50 posts will keep the peace
I bet 90% ignore
We can’t just sit here anymore

You really care ’bout this ordeal?
Get off your bum, do something real
To really bless the human race
Delete that post and shut your face

But first, let me take a shelfie

But first, let me take a shelfie


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