Clever people can speak French. No matter where you are from, the cleverest and sexiest people of every nation can speak French. I don’t know why. I’ve never thought it was a particularly beautiful or poetic language. In fact I’ve always preferred English but I’m probably biased. That being said, the chicks dig French so I decided to write a poem in French. I’m an intellectual ‘n all so it was about time anyway.

Now, please bear in mind that I only studied French from year 7 to year 9 so I’m exceedingly proud of the fact that I managed to write a whole poem! For the less intellectual amongst you, I have supplied an English translation. For any French  peeps among you, the poem probably doesn’t say what I think it does. I’m sorry. Having said that, google translate seems to suggest I’m right so who knows?


Bonjour Madame, ca va?
J’aime tous le monde ce soir
Je suis tres desole
Parce que je suis Anglais

J’ai douze ans, dans le sac
Où est le cidre Jacque?
Je crie ‘Ah sacrebleu!’
Mon ami, petite soeur


Hello madam, how are you?
I love all the world tonight
I am very sorry
Because I am English

I am twelve years old, in the bag
Where is the cider, Jacque?
I shout ‘Ah sacrebleu!’
My friend, little sister

The smelliest country in the world was bound to get cheese right

The smelliest country in the world was bound to get cheese right

PS: Sorry to any French peeps for the banner on this one. It’s only a joke I promise!


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