Fax Me Your Face

Fax Me Your Face

This is a fairly simple and mostly self-explanatory poem about a secret affair that slowly turns sinister as one of the people involved becomes gradually more demanding and frightening. It’s also about all the amazing different methods we have of communicating long distance! Enjoy!

Fax Me Your Face

Fax me your face
Put your head on the tray
Hold ‘Colour Copy’
Then send it away

Email your earlobes
‘Attachment within’
I’ll open the file
And the fun can begin

Text me your toes
But don’t use up your data
I may not reply
But I’ll talk to you later

Post me your pancreas
Show me the scar
Is this stuff still cute?
Or was that one too far?

Shh! Don't tell anyone I'm blogging my bum!

Shh! Don’t tell anyone I’m blogging my bum!


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