The human body is an amazing thing made up of lots of smaller amazing things. I could write for ages about all the different organs (steady on) in the human body. Maybe one day I will, but today I want to talk about the lungs. The lungs are incredible. I won’t bore you with all the science I learned in Biology A level because I can’t remember any of it. The point is, they are awesome. That being said, nothing is perfect and it would be wrong to put lungs on a pedestal. As heroic and life-sustaining as they are, they have many flaws. This short poem summarises my feelings on the pros and cons of our respiratory system.


Lungs are two big, windy bags
They’re wondrous things but there are snags
For lungs have never learned to eat
And til they do, they’re incomplete

A lungs worst nightmare

A lungs worst nightmare


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