Tiny Dancers

Tiny Dancers

We all know about stories like The Borrowers, or The Smurfs, or maybe even Terry Pratchett’s Bromeliad Trilogy, in which tiny people of some kind live alongside humans. Most of these stories, however, seem to follow the idea that these tiny people would hide and play no part in our lives except when a particularly clumsy or unlucky large person stumbles across them. What if they lived among us? What if humans and tiny people shared the world in peace and built a beautiful integrated society? I think that the tiny peoples dainty wee bodies would make them very good at the more graceful professions, dancing being just one example.

Tiny Dancers

Upside down and in the air
There’s tiny dancers everywhere
Downside up and on the ground
There’s tiny dancers in the round

Inside out, above the moon
There’s tiny dancers, ‘Off so soon?’
Outside in, beneath the stars
They’re leaving in their tiny cars

I will make the tiny dance team this year!

I will make the tiny dance team this year!


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