C. S. Lewis is a hero of mine. All of his books, both his fiction and his christian apologetics are a joy to read. He wrote a lot of fiction but is remembered best for his Chronicles of Narnia. These books are for children but can still be read and enjoyed as an adult. They’re written such that it’s very easy to become lost in the world of Narnia and lose all track of time. After all, time works differently there. Sometimes this isn’t a good thing. Some people struggle to escape from this realm of imagination and it slowly but surely takes over their life. This is a poem about a young man who becomes so obsessed with the idea of Narnia that all of his time and money are spent trying desperately to recreate it. Eventually, he can no longer distinguish between reality and his own hallucinations.


Though some may find it quite distressing
In the wardrobe, I’m undressing
Pulling on a furry coat
And dancing with a semi-goat

Yes, the wardrobe is unending
At least, that’s what I’m pretending
Slowly I begin to feel
That what I dream is what is real

You can’t doubt my determination
Bathing in imagination
Weeping for my fading wealth
And worried for my mental health

Someone opens wide the door
I’m lying on the dusty floor
My nonsense ramblings begin
Further up and further in

The Iron, the Watch, and the Wardrobe

The Iron, the Watch, and the Wardrobe


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