Bogey Nights

Bogey Nights

There have been many different dance crazes over the years. Dance music reached it’s peak in the late 70’s when Disco was in power. Sadly, things have (in my opinion) only gone downhill from there. Sure, I don’t actually dance anyway but the rise of dubstep and ‘house’ or whatever it’s called signal to me the end of listenable dance music. I’m aware that this may be because I have the soul of a 90 year old man, but I stand by my statement. This poem is both a pun and a profession of my belief that a bogey night would still be better than the self-indulgent rubbish being vomited onto our dance floors.Rise up! Take back our clubs and bars! I don’t actually want them but it’s the principle of it!

Bogey Nights

Bogey nights, the best in town
In Lycra tights we get on down
And then our fingers, knuckle deep
A green, mucosal harvest reap

Some are long and some are sticky
Some are red and white and icky
Open wide, your tongue awaits
No need for cutlery or plates

On bogey nights, the folks are slick
The finest noses you could pick
It’s all in all a funky romp
With crusty mucus you can chomp

A party bag, so you can take it home for later

A party bag, so you can take it home for later


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