The Love of an Ophthalmologist

The Love of an Ophthalmologist


A few years ago, I went for an eye test and was told I was long sighted. Two years of wearing glasses later, I went for another eye test with the same people (rhymes with Necsavers) and was told that, not only am I actually slightly short sighted, the glasses I had been faithfully and obediently wearing for two years had damaged my eyes. 

At first I was angry but then I remembered that everybody is people, and people make mistakes. Even opticians. They make mistakes, they have families, they laugh, cry, and fall in love just like the rest of us. The woman who examined my eyes was probably not an ophthalmologist but I like the word and it’s more or less related. 

The Love of an Ophthalmologist

The love of an ophthalmologist
May not SEEm like a great love to thee
But LOOK behind the white coat for a while
In my EYES is where you’ll find me

I’ve travelled from Israel to Manchester
I’ve looked in the eyes of them all
The weary, the homeless, the taliban tribes
No eye is too big or too small

But two eyes have got me entranced, oh yes!
To be honest, my darling, I think
There would be no two eyes that were lovely as yours
If they weren’t quite so viral and pink

'Hello, I need some glasses.' 'You certainly do, this is a bakery!' 'No it isn't.' 'You're right. I'm sorry. I have crippling dogmentia.'

‘Hello, I need some glasses.’
‘You certainly do, this is a bakery!’
‘No it isn’t.’
‘You’re right. I’m sorry. I have crippling dogmentia.’


2 thoughts on “The Love of an Ophthalmologist

  1. ady

    Very Very amusing…Yes,it happened with me to,I had been wearing wrong glasses for many years before I found out….;)



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