A Science Fiction Extravaganza

A Science Fiction Extravaganza

I’m a big science fiction fan. The return of Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor this Saturday is one of the most exciting upcoming events in my calendar! But this poem was inspired, not by a television show, but by a series of science fiction books known as the The Culture Series. The Scottish author Iain Banks wrote science fiction under the curious pseudonym of Iain M Banks. He passed away last year but is remembered as one of the finest British authors in like… ages or whatever. This is my tribute to Iain M Banks, even though it bares very little resemblance to his writing.

A Science Fiction Extravaganza

A spaceship drifted, deep in space
Towards the planet Xalistase
Where Broge would meet his destiny
In battle with the Obructsee

The Obructsee was slimed and slick
It’s jaliprons and protes were thick
But with a cry of ‘Tesajed!’
Broge shot the beast til it lay dead

Broge never claimed to be a Dars
A merchant of the Hinsuz class
But on the seventh day of Greep
They crowned him Ak of Yannaleep

Every child's favourite  ethnic cleansers

Every child’s favourite ethnic cleansers


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