When We Eat Through Our Bum

When We Eat Through Our Bum

Everybody’s always worrying about global warming wiping us out or Earth being hit by a meteor. We’re all very well informed when it comes to climate change and the dangers of nuclear weaponry but I think that a far more serious matter has been neglected. There are questions that must be answered and possibilities that must be prepared for. We must not allow politicians to avoid this topic any longer! Write to your local MP today. Here is a short poem I have written to summarise my feelings on the matter: 

When We Eat Through Our Bum

When we eat through our bum and poo through our face
What will become of the human race?
Lest poo stain our faces and food soil our bums
Let all of us pray that that day never comes

Bon Apootit

Bon Apootit


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