The octopus is a well loved animal. Even the newest of speakers (tiny peeps) can name an octopus but few of us are comfortable pluralising it. It turns out, there are three ways of pluralising octopus, one of which may not be familiar to most. When I learnt this fact, I decided to use each of the three pluralisations in a poem.


Cephalopods with jelly bods
Are seldom seen on land
They’ve sucker pegs on jelly legs
But not a single hand

But if they did, these friends of squid
They’d drive our cars and buses
They’d drive with care and hands to spare
Those dexterous octopuses

They’d leave us free to love and be
Much safer on the roads
We’d dance and sing for everything
We gained from octopodes

But in due time those sacks of slime
Would flee into the sky
At slaves escape, we’d stand and gape
At aerial octopi

The revolution has already begun

The revolution has already begun



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