Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love

Some people say that there are infinite universes meaning that there is a universe in which anything you can think of has or will happen. Imagine if you could move between those universes at will! You could search for the universes in which life was exactly as you wanted it. This poem is about a man who can do exactly that. In his own reality there was a war and Planet Earth has been plunged into nuclear winter. The love of his life is killed so he ventures into alternate universes to find her. As he does not belong in these realities, time ceases to affect him so he does not age. The problem is, nobody would believe such a ridiculous story and the woman he loves may not even know him in another reality! 

Everlasting Love

There’s infinite worlds
And they run parallel
And though we’re both here
We’re in all worlds as well

I’ve travelled between them
For that, I can do
And in every new world
I come looking for you

I stride between worlds
And I never grow old
But in my world you died
In the fallout, the cold

I know you so well
Yes I love you, you see?
And I must find the world
Where you know and love me

I’ve searched for so long
Please don’t do this again
I’ve come so much further 
Than ordinary men

I’ll go if I must
And cross over the void
But won’t you please listen?
I’m getting annoyed

For aeons I’ve journeyed
A nomad in space
Yet you don’t have the patience
To look at my face?

I’m going to get mad 
If you will not stand still
I’m not just a stalker
Not mentally ill

Don’t call the police
I’ve committed no crimes
I’ve just been rejected
8 billion times

Parallel universes eh? Join the club

Parallel universes eh? Join the club


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