Sudden Nudity Syndrome

Sudden Nudity Syndrome


It’s the classic nightmare. You wake up, you eat breakfast and you go to school. When you arrive everyone is staring and laughing but you can’t figure out why. Then it hits you. You forgot to put clothes on that morning! Luckily it’s only a dream but what if it could really happen? What if you suffered from an illness that regularly caused you to be suddenly and inexplicably naked? That thought inspired this poem which, if I my say so myself, is one of my favourites. The man in question eventually finds peace but the road to recovery is always a long one.

Sudden Nudity Syndrome

S.N.S is not a joke
I’m really just an average bloke
I walk around like other men

I’m nude again

It’s hard to find companionship
With nothing covering each hip
I do go dancing now and then

I’m nude again

On Sunday morn I head to church
I’ve found the answer to my search
I bow my head and say amen

I’m nude again

That's my secret Cap, I'm always naked

That’s my secret Cap, I’m always naked



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