Hitler On Toast

Hitler On Toast


I’m fully aware that any post concerning Hitler has the potential to be very controversial because some people love to be offended. So, I’ll explain this one carefully. I have no appreciation for Hitler and his works. I in no way support Hitler or the Nazi party or any form of racism. This poem is neither a tribute to Hitler nor a statement on his physical attractiveness. It was inspired by a photo of toast that someone, goodness knows how or why, had managed to burn an image of Hitler’s face onto.

This poem is written from the perspective of a young neo-nazi who is obsessed with the image of Hitler. He loves anything with Adolf’s face on it. However, he has searched for years for the perfect image of Hitler as all his paintings, carvings, photos and statues, as well as his own artistic works, fail to satisfy his desire. Finally, he finds what he craves in the faint burnt picture of Hitler’s face on a piece of toast. 

Hitler On Toast

Hitler in a book
Is hardly worth a second look

Hitler on TV
Has never meant that much to me

Hitler on a boat
Would never be something of note

Hitler in a drawer
Won’t satisfy me anymore

Hitler in the sky
Is not enough to draw my eye

Hitler in the ocean
Is not worthy of this commotion

Hitler in your dreams
Not as exciting as it seems

Hitler round the moon
The novelty wears off too soon

Hitler on toast
Now, that’s the one I love the most





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